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$299  |  2 HOURS

Creating a home that aligns with your minimalistic lifestyle can be accomplished through smart, efficient interior design. We believe less truly is more. 


If you are ready to start your minimalism journey, and change your life, we can show hour interior design can help make the process more simple and how your home can feel inviting.Through color, furniture layout and decor. We'll show that minimalism doesn't mean bland or bare. A minimal house can be a beautiful home.



• Creative and practical ideas and inspiration on organizing,
   minimizing, changing your mindset on things

• Professional advice and recommendations on how to have
   a beautiful, minimal home

• Creative ideas on maximizing space

• A vision for your home and a plan to get it done 

• Access to our trusted tradespeople

• Option to hire us by the hour for additional guidance

• Invitation to join our exclusive, private Facebook Group
for more inspiration, tips, tricks, recommendations

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