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People love Melanie's ability to see what isn't there, to envision space that is so different than what it is at the moment. She can see the best in every room, and is able to take your personal style and explain to you what exactly needs to be done or purchased to make the space a reality.

This client received so much more than she expected.


"I just cannot believe it! It's like my own HGTV Reveal! I could just cry!
I never thought to change the use of the room. Thank you!"  — Natalie

Natalie scheduled a Staged-To-Stay Home Styling Session and was expecting a beautifully styled home at the end of the day. She had already shopped for art and decorative items that she loved. Upon my arrival, she gave me tour of her home. During which she showed me how dark her part of her home is due to heavy tree coverage.
As we continued to the "bright side" of her home, which included the foyer, home office and the dining room, she mentioned she often sat on the staircase "to get a little sun".
As we entered the dining room, I asked her how they use this space, do they entertain and have dinner parties?
Rarely, she said. So I surprised (and in her words, "blew her mind") her by transforming this under-utilized space into an amazing sun-filled oasis for her to sit, relax and soak up some good Vitamin D. This transformation fully increased how she lives and feels in her home. Now instead of sitting on the steps hoping for a little ray of sunshine, she has a whole room full of the things she loves and the golden rays too. 


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