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Welcome to affordable interior design that compliments you and your lifestyle.



We believe your home should be a source of joy and calm so you can focus on the most important things — like life. So let's transform the bland into beautiful and the never used into the fully utilized. 

Melanie's design approach and philosophy is different from conventional interior designers. Instead of taking the reins and making all the decisions for you, she will empower you to shape your own beautiful and joyful home. She believes in collaboration, guidance, and education as the keys to creating a home that truly reflects your personality and preferences.

Working side by side with you — being your thought partner,
your personal and professional designer, Melanie will make having
a beautiful, inviting home attainable and affordable.

Common requests include:
• Creating a vision — establishing a look and feel
• Furniture arrangement
• Selecting new furniture and decor
• Choosing paint colors
• Making a home feel warm and inviting
• Updating kitchens, baths and living spaces without big remodels 
• Choosing flooring and countertops
• How to work with small or unusual spaces 
• Combining styles of partners so everyone is happy
• Getting "unstuck"
• Review blueprints for remodels ensuring best use of space and more
• Storage ideas & decluttering strategies
• Choosing the right light bulbs

• Where to start... with everything
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2019.06.19 4317 Dupont Ave Melanie Zaeli


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We pack a lot into this 90 minute session — tailored to it what you want or need. From creating a vision, choosing colors, furniture arrangement, decor, space planning, you'll receive professional recommendations, answers and ideas that will quickly allow you to envision your home as your happy place. Also available via Zoom.


Interior  $299   |   Exterior $599

Color is key to having a cohesive, inviting home. Melanie received specialized training and is a True Color Expert.™ You'll learn what colors work best in your home and why. You'll get perfect colors and be able to see how quickly your home can be transformed. Also available via Zoom.



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This is a transformative experience where your questions will find answers and your dreams take shape right before your eyes. From discussing a renovation to learning how to make your home cohesive and inviting, this session will be perfectly matched to you and your needs.


We can cover your whole home or be tightly focused specific projects or rooms. We'll get a tremendous amount done in just a few hours. You'll receive instant insights, practical recommendations and even a personalized design plan on the spot. With your new found clarity and vision, you'll finally feel confident and excited about the design direction of your home. Also available via Zoom.

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$75  |  60 MINUTES

For a limited time, get an exclusive one-on-one Virtual Interior Design Consultation for only $75!


In return, you'll allow us to edit and share the video on our social media networks. Melanie is ramping up her video-based social media efforts and is thrilled to showcase the incredible transformations she helps create in no time at all.


Get expert advice on paint colors, furniture layout, decorating ideas, and so much more, all while keeping the camera focused on your home or room—not on you. It’s the perfect opportunity, even for the camera-shy, to make your home truly reflect your style and needs. Don't miss out on this chance to bring your dream space to life and be a part of something exciting!

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Happy Place Interiors is launching "Happy Place: Your home. Your style. You're way." — a first of its kind, membership-based interior design and decorating program. Made for real people with real homes who want to create a home they love — with the guidance of an award-wining designer. Perfect if you've moved into a new house and are overwhelmed, planning a renovation, looking to update your home or just have a love for all things home. This group is also appropriate for new designers, contractors and interior design college students to learn about interior design and what people truly want.


Monthly group video Q & A Design Sessions — ask anything, learn from everyone

• Access to steep discounts: (20-40%) PotteryBarn, WestElm, NashFrame Design, Mattress Firm and much more

• Webinars with other top professionals: contractors, home organizers, gardeners and more 

• Private Facebook Group: ask questions, share progress, learn from others, have fun 

10% off Design Fees and priority scheduling for any personal appointments with Melanie

• List of Twin Cities top tradespeople to help you with your project

A step-by-step guide on designing a home you love

• And more

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Working from Home

We HIGHLY recommend Melanie! We had just moved into our first home, and weren't sure what to expect. Gratefully Melanie did an amazing job helping us identify easy & affordable quick fixes to make our home more beautiful. She also shared helpful insight into DIY projects we could take on, her experiences, and projects we could wait and think on. We loved her insights into setting a color scheme based on what we already had, and how to best mesh different styles with our home. She also suggested several local shops for us to check out!

We can't say enough good things about her support!

– Carlye

Having paint colors I love and being able to visualize them is like having the weight of the world off my shoulders.
— Jennifer

Melanie is incredible. She came by our house to give us a consultation for our living room and dining room. She came prepared with wonderful ideas, and was able to answer all of our questions. Melanie takes into account your lifestyle, and is able to give you great options for design that won't change your day to day activities. On top of that, she's so fun and we had a great time working with her!

– Elikem

Melanie was amazing! She was a huge help as we were in the early stages of a full main floor remodel. For everything from paint colors to furniture layout, she helped us make some great design decisions. I cannot recommend her enough!

- Tracy



Most of us have plenty of things — give the gift of happiness!

A Happy Place Interiors Gift Certificate can be for any 90 minute Interior Design Consultation. A beautifully printed Gift Certificate will be mailed to you or mailed directly to the lucky recipient. 

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