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$549   |   UP TO 3 HOURS

Whether you have a lot to discuss or you're not sure even where to start, this Deep Dive Interior Design Session will be a truly valuable experience. We can take a deep dive into one room: design it, organize it and get it done or go through many spaces making a plan. Based on your needs, we'll structure our time to get your plan accomplished.

Before Melanie arrives, you'll fill out a detailed Personal Design Profile and send photos of your space and of spaces that bring you joy. This allows Melanie to do her homework so that she is best prepared to make it a productive interior design session. 


This Session is all about you and answering your questions, and giving you solutions. 

  • Furniture arrangement 

  • Remodeling Ideas

  • Flooring and countertop colors

  • Hanging artwork 

  • Paint color selection

  • Online shopping for items

  • Lighting Ideas

  • Design advice 

  • Fabric selection

  • Creating a visual plan for the home

  • What to do with under utilized spaces

  • How to get a cohesive look

  • Best places to shop for furniture/decor

By the end of the Session, you'll have a new vision for your home and a plan to get it accomplished. Many people are able to take this information and create their own space. 


However, if you would like further help, Melanie is available via à la carte design services. Read about our unique approach to see if we are a good fit for you. 


A multi-award winning interior designer answering your questions, giving you personalized recommendations and sharing expertise

Ideas you never would have thought of that make all the difference 

Practical solutions that work within your budget

A cohesive look that brings joy

Confidence in the choices to be made

Feeling excitement instead of overwhelm

A logical and practical approach to decorating 

“Rules” to follow— or ignore with intention 

A home that feels intentional 

• A vision for your home and a plan to get it done 

• Access to our trusted tradespeople

• Access to wholesale pricing on flooring, cabinetry and more

• Option to hire us by the hour for additional guidance

• Invitation to join our exclusive, private Facebook Group
   for more inspiration, tips, tricks, recommendations
• Up to 3 hours

I recently worked with Melanie to help redesign my kitchen, dining room and family room spaces. I cannot express enough how thrilled I am with her suggestions.

Melanie was incredibly knowledgeable and attentive throughout the entire process. She provided expert recommendations for the flooring, paint colors, and countertops that will completely transform the look and feel of my house. The attention to detail and creativity that Melanie brought to the table truly exceeded my expectations.

Not only did she listen to my ideas and preferences, but she also offered valuable suggestions that I would have never thought of on my own. Her expertise in selecting the right materials and colors will truly make a difference in the overall aesthetic of my house.

I highly recommend Melanie to anyone looking to revamp their home!


We really enjoy the time we get to spend working with you on our home project.  Making final design selections is a stressful process and you are making us feel so much better about our entire project. 


We also went to look at kitchen cabinets. They seem to be a good value as well as a local cabinet builder, so that also makes us feel better about such a big purchase.  


We could not be happier!  — Brent and Angie

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