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Whether you a lot to discuss or you're not sure even where to start, this Deep Dive Interior Design Session will be a truly valuable experience. We can take a deep dive into one room: design it, organize it and get it done or go through many spaces making a plan. Based on your needs, we'll structure our time to get your plan accomplished.

Before Melanie arrives, you'll fill out a detailed Personal Design Profile and send photos of your space and of spaces that bring you joy. This allows Melanie to do her homework so that she is best prepared to make it a productive interior design session. 


This Session is all about you and answering your questions, and giving you solutions. 

  • Furniture arrangement 

  • Remodeling Ideas

  • Flooring and countertop colors

  • Hanging artwork 

  • Paint color selection

  • Online shopping for items

  • Lighting Ideas

  • Design advice 

  • Fabric selection

  • Creating a visual plan for the home

  • What to do with under utilized spaces

  • How to get a cohesive look

  • Best places to shop for furniture/decor

By the end of the Session, you'll have a new vision for your home and a plan to get it accomplished. Many people are able to take this information and create their own space. 


However, if you would like further help, Melanie is available via à la carte design services. Read about our unique approach to see if we are a good fit for you. 



• Creative and practical ideas and inspiration

• Professional advice and recommendations

• A vision for your home and a plan to get it done 

• Learn how color affects EVERY decision

• Access to our trusted tradespeople

• Access to whole pricing on flooring and cabinetry

• Option to hire us by the hour ($100/hr) for additional guidance

• Invitation to join our exclusive, private Facebook Group
   for more inspiration, tips, tricks, recommendations

• Approximately 3 hours

Thanks so much for coming out to my house!  It was the best money I have spent this year! I'm excited to get working on my projects. I'll start upstairs and work my way down.

– Pam

Screenshot 2022-07-14 at 6.38.42 PM.png

Hi Melanie,

The bathroom was painted yesterday. I love the color choices you game. Also, we changed the dining light fixture and pendants. Your ideas helped guide us though the processes of finding fixtures my husband and I could agree on. Thank you again for your help.

– Ashley

We can't thank you enough for all the ideas and all the time you spent with us. We both thought that this was exactly what we were looking for, and have a new energy for making the improvements. 

– Jenny

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