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As a full-time, work-from-home mom with two active teens, our house collects clutter. Making matters worse, an open floor plan places everything in full view. Not to mention homework central. The dark, outdated colors complete with scuffs, dirt and dings were literally depressing me. My husband and I had discussed updates for quite some time but life, financial priorities and time always won. And to say my husband dislikes painting is an understatement.  

On September 12, 2017, my husband was leaving town on a five day business trip. This was it.
The time was now and I began planning. After finding an affordable painter, I enlisted Melanie to help choose color. She made the details painless and perfect, choosing the correct shades to break up the open floor plan. Even recommending quality paint brands for durability and easy application. Something the professional painter appreciated. With painting complete, words cannot begin to describe the beautiful and amazing transformation that followed. Every area was touched in some way utilizing a few new pieces and existing ones we owned, just put to better use. 

























In the living room, furniture was rearranged to create a more intimate space, allowing us to gain access to the windows. Simple but meaningful. Throw pillows were added to tie into the fresh paint. From our existing pieces, Melanie recommended ones that should stay and those that needed to go. In place, she found affordable replacements better suiting the room size, shape and color. I wasn’t sure why but understood when I saw it.

In the kitchen, it was about organization. Melanie recommended utilizing our cupboards and counter tops more efficiently and helped me do it. Functional things like utilizing a cupboard designated for coffee supplies and mugs directly above the coffee maker. Using existing accessories, she relocated them in more appealing places.

With a drawer for each family member, I purged old storage devices taking up counter space. Our bay window will never double as a mailbox again! Throughout the process I was able to let go of items I’ve kept around just because. When I started embracing the ‘less is more’ motto, it became a snowball effect and many more items went to Goodwill. 

I’ve never felt so good. Our home has never looked so good. The fun part is she took the time to explain the design rationale throughout the process so I learned a lot. She worked very effectively and was extremely efficient with her time and ideas, putting myself to work while she was busy moving onto the next area. It was amazing to watch how it came so naturally to her. She was sure to add our family's personal touch to each of the rooms taking into account things we all liked, including my husband.  


My home is now clutter-free, updated, and a happy place to live. The house actually feels bigger and my husband and kids love it. Such a wonderful feeling after all these years.


Returning from his trip, it was fun to watch my husband’s reaction. “Oh-my- gosh, where’s all the junk?” he asked. “I can’t believe we put this off for so long.” After taking it all in, he appreciates the updated look but the organization he says was a ‘two-fer’. Having a professional help stage a home for the purpose of selling quickly for top dollar works for obvious reasons, but hiring a professional to make the most of your home while you’re still living in it is priceless. I encourage anybody reading to make the most of what they have now and start enjoying home again. I’m so happy we did.

home decorating by repurposing antiques

Melanie helped us choose this beautiful gray paint color and the fun curtains that tied all the colors in our home together. For a fun surprise for my husband, she took a favorite antique bread pan (that was sitting in the laundry room collecting dust) and made it a beautiful shelf. He LOVES it.

Simply by removing a few red flowers, Melanie was able to make this arrangement look updated and work with our new paint and other decor.

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