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A Giving Program that helps create spaces that foster hope, health and happiness for people who need a little extra love.

Group Hug

Through designLOVEthe Happy Place Interiors Giving Program, Interior Design Consultations are provided at no cost for people who are facing challenging times so they can have a space that the fosters hope, health and happiness they deserve.

We know it can take a village to rally around a friend, family member, colleague, or neighbor going through a tough time, such as a serious illness or helping out a single mom who's been on the non-stop hustle.


Studies show thoughtfully designed spaces can reduce stress and have a positive impact on mental health. Studies also show biophilic design can boost our immune systems, aid physical recovery, reduce anxiety, improve cognitive  performance and make for a better night’s sleep. 

So let's gather the village, combine resources and let's show your special someone just how much they are loved —
let's create a space of respite, 
rejuvenation or recovery.

What does a no cost 
designLOVE service include?


A designLOVE Interior Design Consultation
and one hour of follow up design guidance.


The personalized Interior Design Consultation will give ideas, recommendations and establish a design plan for
friends and family to execute resulting in a functional and beautiful space for your loved one.

The designLOVE Consultation is similar to the popular Ideas & Inspiration Design ConsultationTogether, you'll explore furniture arrangement, paint color, Feng Shui principles and more. By considering factors such as color psychology, lighting nuances, and spatial arrangements, we aim to create a space that not only looks beautiful but also fosters hope, healing and happiness.


From simple changes, such as better furniture arrangement and strategically placed plants, to a full makeover, we'll develop a design plan during the Consultation for a space that will foster well-being. Design recommendations and ideas are based on your budget — or lack of budget. This plan will serve as a guide for friends and family to execute the transformation.


Friends and family members come together and contribute their resources, time, and effort to bring the design plan to life.


This collaborative approach ensures the transformation is both beautiful and also a meaningful expression of love and care.

What is the designLOVE Giving Program process?


Submit an application for the designLOVE Consultation at no cost.  
You can submit an application on behalf of a loved one or for yourself. This would be a wonderful surprise or gift. When submitting the application, it''s important have a budget in mind, a list of friends or family that will help execute the design plan and the approximate date the work should be finished by.


One application will be chosen at random on a bi-monthly basis. The Applicant will receive a link to schedule the designLOVE Interior Design Consultation.

A Questionnaire will be sent out to help kickstart the ideas.


designLOVE Consultation Day
The professional design recommendations and ideas will be in alignment with the preferences and needs of your loved one, and with your budget in mind. We can work with large, small and zero budgets. 


Friends and family members come together and contribute their resources, time, and effort to bring the design plan to life.


designLOVE Reveal Day
This is the day the plan is finished. The whole plan can be a surprise or not. It's a chance for the village to come together and celebrate the effort and the loved one. 

designLOVE is about more than creating a beautiful environment,  
it's about coming together as a supportive group to show your loved one 
how much they are loved and cared for.

Meet Kevyn, a Minnesota mom and her five kids on the verge of homelessness.


Through designLOVE, Happy Place Interiors has been helping with the rebuilding and furnishing of their mobile home. Read more about them and how you can help — every little bit helps.

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For tradespeople & retailers

Are you a skilled tradesperson or connected to a retailer that would like to help these people in need? From donating your painting or handy skills to donating items such as bedding, plants or decorative items, we would love to build this community to help even more people find some hope, health and happiness during tough times.

When people are in an environment that helps foster living their best life — everyone wins. A place to live that feels like home is a foundation for success. This is why since 2016, Happy Place Interiors has donated a percentage of profits to local 501(c)3 charities that help people find, fix or furnish homes.

In 2024, Happy Place Interiors created designLOVE, a Giving Program in which no cost Interior Design Consultations and Services are given to help support people in need.


So when Happy Place Interiors helps you transform your house into a home, you're also helping transform the lives of people in need. It's a win, win!

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"Sunshine Houses'  by Elsie, Age 4


We are proud to be a member of the Minnesota Keystone Program.

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