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Launching 2024 — Accepting members now

Modern Interior Design

Ready to feel confident in decorating, remodeling, updating or designing your home?

Introducing the Happy Place: Members Only Program where you have the support and tools you need to make smart decisions that you will be happy with and help create a home you love.

Happy Place: Members Only is a Home Styling & Design Program that cuts through the online clutter and overwhelm and gives you clarity and confidence as you go through your journey of creating the home you love.

This innovative membership-based program has a focus on normalizing real homes and real people. Melanie brings practical design solutions to the program, offering guidance and inspiration to simplify the process of designing, decorating, and maintaining your home.

In a world filled with overwhelming design trends on TikTok and Instagram, Melanie cuts through the confusion to help you discover your unique style and curate your space with confidence.


Join us on a journey to transform your house into a haven that reflects your personality and brings you comfort and happiness every day. Experience the joy of living in a space designed by an award-winning professional – welcome to Happy Place.

Why Happy Place: Members Only is a Game-Changer:

  • Innovative Membership Model: Unlike traditional design services, our membership-based approach offers continuous support and resources, ensuring you have the help you need, when you need it.

  • Personalized, Practical Guidance: Led by award-winning designer Melanie Zaelich, the program focuses on real homes and real people, offering tailored advice that fits your unique style and budget.

  • Ease of Access: With a variety of online resources, group sessions, and a one-on-one consultation, you can access expert advice from the comfort of your home, making the design process convenient and stress-free.


  • 30-Minute Online Consultation with Melanie: Begin your journey with a personalized session to address specific questions and start crafting your design plan.

  • Monthly Group Video Design Sessions: Get your questions answered and learn from the collective wisdom of the community, gaining insights and inspiration from other members’ experiences.

  • Webinars with Top Professionals: Access exclusive sessions with experts in contracting, home organization, gardening, and more, providing you with a holistic approach to home design.

  • Exclusive Discounts: Benefit from significant savings (20-40%) on products from premium brands like PotteryBarn, WestElm, NashFrame Design, and Mattress Firm.

  • Private Facebook Group: Engage with a supportive community, share progress, ask questions, and receive feedback in a fun, interactive environment.

  • Discounted Design Fees and Priority Scheduling: Enjoy reduced rates and priority booking for any personal appointments with Melanie.

  • Curated List of Top Twin Cities Tradespeople: Connect with the best local professionals to help bring your project to life.

  • Step-by-Step Design Guide: Follow an easy-to-understand guide that walks you through the process of creating a home you love.

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$199 for one year  |   thereafter is $18/month


The membership pays for itself in less than one project.

That's just a few gallons of paint.

Or an area rug.

It's less than carpet cleaning.

Less than a plumber's visit to install a new fixture.


It's the smartest investment in your home (and your mental health) you'll make this year.

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