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Once you are a client, Melanie is here to guide you through finishing your project. 

After a Consultation or a Styling Session, you may want some extra assistance and guidance, so you can hire us by the hour to help guide you in finishing your project.

We work with people in many different ways, here are a few of the most popular ways to continue to work together to get your project finished:


  • We offer a professional opinion on purchases via email, text or FaceTime — possibly even while your at the store

  • We offer guidance as you work on your project yourself

  • We answer all of your questions thoroughly

  • We shop online for specific items and present you with options

  • We can meet you at stores (must schedule a Working Session)

  • We often give our clients a "to do list" and then meet them back at their home a couple months later to go through the list. This helps keep people on track, moving forward and making decisions quickly.

215 10th Ave S_Unit 213_011.jpg
215 10th Ave S_Unit 213_031.jpg

It has been a pleasure to see our home take shape with all your help!  You made all the difference in helping by leading, following, and walking beside me with patience, knowledge, and your great design skills! Thank you!


– Emily

215 10th Ave S_Unit 213_018.jpg

Only the rug and two pillows have been delivered so far, but I think the difference is already incredible. Joe and I are enjoying spending time in this room more than before too.  

Thanks so much!!!



Every day that I come home from work, and every morning when I wake up at home, the one thing that does not change is that I LOVE MY HOME! It is happy; it is cozy; it is adaptable; it is just big enough; it is so US; it is perfect. Thank you for all your contributions and ideas.


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