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We all want to have a happy home. A home that looks good, feels good and functions well. But how? Where do you start? So. Many. Questions.

At this private in home design workshop, you and up to five friends will learn how to turn your home into your ultimate happy place and have a ton of fun doing it.


Starting with a discussion with an invaluable amount of interior design tips and tricks to make your home inviting, calm, cozy and cohesive. You'll learn how to be intentional with your space, how to find your style, where to shop, how to choose paint colors, furniture arrangements and much, much more. Custom content is encouraged.

Then, we'll take those key elements and transform a room in the host's house using her most of her own belongings. And instant makeover. We'll turn a so-so space into an amazing space. Everyone will get to see the ideas and recommendations come to life and see just how easy it can be to recreate an inviting room at their own home.


Next, guests are invited to bring a photo of an area, a problem or point of frustration of their home and their specific question will be answered with professional advice. Perhaps it's picking the perfect paint color, an unusual room shape, furniture arrangement, what to put on empty walls, etc. Need a good painter or tradesperson, we can help you there as well.

And perhaps the best part is, we don't sell anything. We just educate and empower. No kitchen gadgets that don't get use, clothes that don't fit or any other product. It's a fun hands on workshop, where, at the end, participants will feel inspired, empowered and excited. Get ready to look at your home in a whole new way.


Excellent idea for a bachelorette party, newlywed or housewarming gift.

Email to schedule an evening appointment.



• You and up to five friends will learn:

       – How to be intentional with decorating 

       – How to find your style 

       – How to mesh your style with the architecture of your home

       – How to start decorating

       – The key elements of decorating 

       – How to achieve a cohesive look & feel 

       – The Five Must Haves for every living room

       – Where to shop

       – How to choose paint colors

       – How to select the best light bulbs

       –  And much more!

       – Requesting specific content is encouraged 

• Host receives a room makeover 

• Guests get professional advice on their own home   

• Three hours of action packed fun and learning

• Recommendations to our trusted tradespeople

• Invitation to join our exclusive, private Happy Place Interiors Facebook Group
for more inspiration, tips, tricks, resources, recommendations

Monetary Value = $1,100

Turning Your Home Into Your Happy Place = Priceless

I hosted a "Wine and Design" event with Melanie and had so much fun.


I invited 4 friends and my daughter. Melanie quickly showed us how I could make my dining room appear bigger, simply by turning the table. She also helped me with some pointers on easy tricks to open up the space in my bedroom. Lastly, the design project was focused on my basement. Melanie taught us all by rearranging my existing furniture and adding a few decorative pieces, it changed the entire mood of the room and made it way more functional, inviting, and cozy.


My friends all benefited from Melanie's help as well. Everyone brought a picture of a troubled area/room of their homes. Melanie gave them each helpful advice on how to change the space. Melanie also gave a talk on current style trends and a quick tutorial on choosing paint. We were about to start a major home remodel and her paint advice was so helpful throughout the entire process of the remodel. My home now feels more congruent and it flows.


I cannot say enough about Melanie's expertise. My daughter constantly quote what she learned from Melanie when it comes to the design of our home. Melanie brings a warmth, fun, and an expert eye for making your home the best version of itself. I loved that I did not feel pressure of needing to purchase new furniture for my home and that she used the pieces we had to make it better. I loved my time with Melanie and highly recommend her.

– Sarah


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