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Angie's List
Linda    |    "Ideas & Inspiration" Interior Design Consultation
Melanie did a 2-hour design consult for the main level of our home. Before the consult, we had filled out a thorough survey of our wishes and preferences as far as color, feel of the home, etc. When she arrived, she already knew what was important to us from the survey but asked great questions. Since we know very little about color and design, she gave us enough of a general overview to envision the space but also details about specific colors and styles we should look for. Melanie made the very best use of our time together and was a huge help! She is also available for many different follow-up options, based on whatever we might need.
Scott    |    "GET IT SOLD!" Staging Day
What an awesome experience! I think I do a good job of decorating, but when I listed my house, I wanted it to go for top dollar and I didn't want it sitting on the market. After initial walkthrough by Mel, I got an actionable to-do list of some things that were obvious (but I needed a nudge) and other things I had to trust needed to be done. On Staging Day,  I just went to work and then came home to a perfectly staged home. I was floored by Mel's knowledge and ability. (To this day I still make my bed differently!)

Happy Ending via Happy Place Interiors: The house went on the market the next day.
 I had five (5!) offers (all over my asking price) to deal with that evening!   Thanks, Mel!  It was well worth the investment!
Lindsey   |    "Ideas & Inspiration" Interior Design Consultation
Melanie is such an asset during your design project--she will take the guesswork and trial/error process out of the equation. Whether you need full design service work or just help pulling it all together you can count on her to pick the right paint color, the light fixture and that piece that everyone will talk about. She did just that for me--in helping me with my son's room she picked out the paint color in a matter of minutes. She found the cutest sputnik light fixture (within my budget) and a bookcase that is a design element that the room needed. Her knowledge saved me time and money on this project that turned out to be my favorite room in the house.

Mary    |    "Ideas & Inspiration" Interior Design Consultation

Melanie is great to work with! She took the time to understand my style and help me to see how I could make changes in my home that would make me feel proud and comfortable to live there. She not only came up with some out-of-the-box ideas but also didn't make me feel overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done. Would highly recommend!

Amye   |    Exterior Paint Consultation

Melanie was so helpful with our home exterior remodel project. She really listened and took time to understand our style as well as what would work best with our type of home and our neighborhood. We started with a virtual consultation which worked beautifully. Melanie helped us focus in on our final material and color selections and then met with us in-person to confirm our choices would make our updated home exterior beautiful. We would definitely recommend Melanie and will absolutely work with her on future home projects.

Tracey    |    "Ideas & Inspiration" Interior Design Consultation

Melanie was amazing! She was a huge help as we were in the early stages of a full main floor remodel. For everything from paint colors to furniture layout, she helped us make some great design decisions. I cannot recommend her enough!

Teresa     |    Virtual Interior Design Consultation
Melanie is great! We had a virtual design consultation and she pointed out many design and color details that I hadn't really thought about. She gave me some great ideas about counter top colors and finishes that would work with my current cabinets. She also provided me with some helpful websites to find cabinet hardware. I really feel like I have a good design plan now and I can move forward with updating my kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Thank you Melanie!!
Mary Jo   |    Paint & Color Consultation
I’m a left brained person. A handy woman at heart without a sense of color. My desire was to update my tired, worn out traditional home to be more contemporary. But I needed a plan. A strategy that I could execute. If someone would just come with fresh eyes and tell me what works and what doesn’t. Most of all, what colors should I go with, for the most impact, least expensive thing possible…. Paint. Melanie from Happy Places did just that. Not only did she leave me with a map that I could follow, laying out specifically what color to paint where. She also gave me a list of online stores that compete with my beloved (and expensive) favorite ‘Room and Board’. I can’t wait to get started and thanks to Melanie have the confidence to make it happen. I truly recommend Happy Places if needing advice or having trouble taking the first step.

Anjali    |    Room Design & Styling   
Melanie has been an absolute pleasure to work with! Her design expertise helped us to achieve the look and feel we’d been hoping for. We will definitely use her services again in the future!
Barbara   |    "Ideas & Inspiration" Interior Design Consultation    
Melanie offers a variety of services and prices all clearly stated-- no hidden fees. I love how she sends me several ideas and the prices for each item. I just click and it's delivered to my door! The best part is her two-hour in-house walk through. She clarified our game plan and gave us a real vision for moving our house plans forward! More than any of this--she's just a really nice person!


Kyle     |    "GET IT SOLD!" Staging Day

We had a great time working with Happy Place Interiors. Melanie was able to transform a number rooms and increase the perceived value of our home. We then increased our listing price and our home still sold right away. Thanks HPI!


Colleen     |     "Ideas & Inspiration" Interior Design Consultation

Melanie was AMAZING to work with. Her ideas and how she explained things made it easy for me to execute my personal style. Thank you Happy Place Interiors :)

TJ    |    "Ideas & Inspiration" Interior Design Consultation

Melanie was so kind and it was clear that she was committed to giving me the specific help that I needed for my first big house project. Her advice was just the perfect thing to get me out of the frozen fear of where to begin and actually start improving my home!

Ann    |    "Ideas & Inspiration" Interior Design Consultation

We hired Melanie to take a look at our living room since we were at a loss for how to make it look finished and better utilize the space. She had amazing ideas that I couldn't believe we never thought of before. I wish we had called her years ago!

Kim    |    Space Planning & Room Design Concepts
Melanie was a delight to work with for our front room project. She makes everything easy and really listens to how you are using the space to create a great design. Melanie helped our home function better and look fantastic!
Erin    |    "Ideas & Inspiration" Interior Design Consultation
After several years of deliberating over the design and decor of my house, I was introduced to Happy Place Interiors! 


What a wonderful experience! Melanie brings such great energy and design ideas to the most unique spaces. She asked me several questions and was quickly able to summarize how I could improve areas of my home that were underutilized because they never felt comfortable to me. 

She introduced several super simple changes that would make an immediate impact as well as bigger picture ideas to implement over time. The best part was that I implemented some of her recommendations right after she left my house and the impact was transformative! I can't wait to take the next steps with Melanie's guidance. I highly recommend her services.

Berta    |    "GET IT SOLD!" Staging Day

Melanie did an awesome job, it looks like a home now instead of a house with some furniture in it.

Annie    |    "Ideas & Inspiration" Interior Design Consultation

Thanks Melanie. Each time you've come over, I feel so inspired!

Natasha    |    Staging Consultation

Thank you so much for your help with the staging process! 
It's amazing the difference it can make, especially in our basement. 

Al     |    "GET IT SOLD!" Staging Day
Melanie has been great to work with. We couldn't be more satsfied.
Tom   |    "GET IT SOLD!" Staging Day
Amazing is an understatement. I have received 6 offers so far with the house only being on the market one day. Thanks for your vision and hard work!

Casey    |    Staging Consultation    
I highly recommend Happy Place Interiors. The staging process can be a bit overwhelming as you are comfortable with your own belongings it's hard to imagine it set up differently. She went room by room and explained all her recommendations and the reason behind it. I learned a ton and took 99% of her suggestions and truly believe that is exactly why my house sold in ONE day! Thanks Mel!
Cathy    |    Staging Consultation    
Via text: I am making all the changes you suggested and so far it is a huge improvement! You rock! Thank you again!! :). You wouldn't believe how much better it is looking.


Marilyn     |    "Ideas & Inspiration" Interior Design Consultation

Melanie was great to work with, friendly and knowledgeable. My husband and I renovated an older home into the perfect home for us. I needed help arranging and decorating the new living room space and called Melanie. She came to my rescue and had all kinds of ideas, a picture board, info on where to purchase reasonable priced new items and she used alot of items I already had laying around or in different areas of the house. She was there for me and answered all my little emails and stayed in touch. The results were spectacular and we are so comfortable in our new house and love it!  
I never thought I could afford a decorator and Melanie was so very reasonable. I would definitely use her again when or if the time comes where I need her.
Thanks so much MELANIE! It was great working with you!



Walt, age 10     |     Custom Bedroom Design





Jeanna     |    "GET IT SOLD!" Staging Day

I had the best experience with Melanie as we were trying to sell our townhome! I couldn't believe the transformation after she worked her magic. Melanie certainly has a gift for this work. Once she staged the townhome and took some beautiful pictures, it was sold in just a few short weeks! I was THRILLED!I would recommend Melanie and Happy Place Interiors with confidence to anyone looking for professional, quality work! It was a pleasure!


Julie    |    "GET IT SOLD!" Staging Day

I hired Happy Place Interiors to help stage my townhouse for selling this summer (June 2015). I was amazed at the way Melanie was able to give my house a renewed feeling with minimal additional items. I loved what she did so much that I am hiring her for a (re)design of my new house. Why wait until I'm ready to sell it to make it a wonderful place to live?




MyLinda     |    Custom Room Design

I've always dreamed of having help bringing some style and creativity to my house, but never thought it would be within my budget....until we found Melanie. The first time Melanie came over she was able to just re-arrange our existing furniture and knick knacks and make our house look like a totally different house. We then worked with her to create designs for 3 main rooms. Melanie was able to quickly get a feel for our style and present us with design proposals. We love having people come over now and having our rooms be conversation pieces. Melanie made the whole process easy and affordable for us. We definitely want to have her help us finish the other rooms in our house.


Tracy  & Peter   |    Room Design & Styling

Dear Designer...

I have a confession. I did something dumb. I bought our house sight-unseen over the Internet. Who does that!?

In my defense, we were living out of state and desperate to find a place in Minneapolis but housing in our lower-market price range was going like hotcakes amid bidding wars. Two friends gave us a quick video walk-through on a townhouse and the realtor put some pressure

on us to get an offer in. We gave in, were accepted, and prayed that the house would live up to my friends’ assessment...


Interior Decorating & Organizing

As a full-time, work-from-home mom with two active teens, our house collects clutter. Making matters worse, an open floor plan places everything in full view. Not to mention homework central. The dark, outdated colors complete with scuffs, dirt and dings were literally depressing me... 

"Ideas & Inspiration" Interior Design Consultation
Melanie came to our place to provide a 2-hour consultation on our dining room. It is a room with numerous limitations and is very awkward. For the 3+ years we've been in this house, we have been trying to figure out how to make it work, and we just knew we were out of our depth. Having Melanie come over was the smartest thing we've done, and well worth the investment...
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