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Our process is designed around our mission:
to bring more happiness to more people through
 power of design.

We do things differently. We developed a consulting and

 à la carte approach to interior design. This allows us to work with budgets of all sizes and people that want guidance, a vision and a professional interior designer's advice and recommendations.


• Consultations


• Home Styling Sessions

• Working Sessions

• Design by the Hour

• Wine & Design Parties

• AirBNB Interior Design & Marketing


Perhaps you have ideas and want to collaborate with a professional to bring them to life. Or maybe you have your furniture but need the best arrangements and ideas on finishing touches to make it feel homey, inviting and more comfortable or update the look. Maybe you just need a fresh set of eyes on your remodel plans to see what you're missing. Or your are overwhelmed picking out flooring, paint colors ...

We can help. We  work differently. We're flexible around how you like to work, around your budget and what you need.

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You fill out a detailed Personal Design Profile which will allow us to get to know you, your lifestyle and your home before we arrive. And it allows our creative brainpower to start asap. 


Then we meet at your home full of ideas, recommendations and advice.
Consultations are designed to be extremely informative, answer all your questions, give you the resources you need and inspire you. A Consultation may be all you need. Many clients take all this information and inspiration and feel confident to finish their project by themselves.

3. (if wanted)

If you’d like help beyond a Consultation, (example: final flooring or fabric selections, organizing, tile selection) and what you want doesn’t fall in the Interior Design Packages, you can hire us by the hour to help you finish the project or guide you along the way. This is our Designer-On-Call, hourly interior design. Our rate is $100/hour. We are extremely efficient and can fit a lot into a short amount of time.

We can always help  you determine how many additional hours your project may take. Simply email your project information and photos.


Thank you, Melanie!  It was so nice to meet you today and REALLY, REALLY helpful as we start to make decisions.


Hi Melanie,

I worked with Bob today and he was very helpful. Thank you so much for the referral. He had very positive things to say about you and I agreed! My stress level is down thanks to you.

– Lauri

Hi Melanie,

Our house project is nearly finished and I wanted to share some photos with you to show you how it turned out (I included a couple before photos as well to compare). We absolutely love it and are so, so happy!! 


I can't thank you enough for your help and guidance. You were such a great partner to help us make selections and decisions, and we could not be more thrilled with the results. 


All the best,