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Our approach is different from traditional interior design firms.

We are your side-by-side interior design partner, consultant, guide, collaborator, friend-with-education-in-the-field.

We'll collaborate with you and guide you as you implement your vision. 

Yes, your vision.

After an Interior Design Consultation with Melanie, you'll have a vision and a plan for your home. You'll be able to see its possibilities.

Our unique process works well if:

• You have ideas and want to collaborate with a designer to bring them to life

• You enjoy learning about how to decorate

• You have your furniture but need the best arrangement

• You need ideas and a fresh set of eyes

• You want to learn how color is the key to everything

• You are overwhelmed picking out flooring, paint colors ... 

• If any of these questions have ever entered your mind:

- how should I arrange my furniture?

- where to get new furniture?

- how do I go about updating my house?

- how do I make it look cohesive, inviting, finished?

- how can I make my house look like Pinterest?

- how do I manage all these toys?!

- what’s the deal with light bulbs?

- can I use this space better?

- what’s the best type of rug?

– where is my money best spent?

- Do I have to spend so much money on.. ?

- I have NO IDEA how to make my house look good.

- I want wallpaper. Where do I get it? Is this a cute pattern or am I crazy?!
Who installs it?

- I’m afraid to make a bad decision.

- How do I….




We help people with nearly every aspect of their home and we'd love to help you too. Read our process below to see if we'd be good fit for you.

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After scheduling your Consultation, you'll be prompted to fill out a detailed Personal Design Profile. This Profile will allow us to get to know you, your home, your lifestyle and your interior design dreams. before we arrive. The creative brainpower starts ASAP. 


We meet at your home full of ideas, recommendations and advice.
Consultations are designed to be extremely informative and educational, answer all your questions, give you the resources you need and inspire you. A Consultation may be all you need. Many clients take all this information and inspiration and feel confident to finish their project by themselves.


Styling Session are designed to put your current house in a whole new light with new life added just by using what you already have. We'll discuss any new decor pieces you may need.

(If desired)

STEP 3  

If you’d like help beyond a Consultation or Styling Session, (example: final flooring or fabric selections, tile selection), you can hire us by the hour to guide you or find a few things for you.
This is Designer-On-Call, hourly interior design ( $100/hour). .

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When working with Happy Place Interiors, it's a "hands-on" learning experience for you.
We're here to guide and educate you through the entire process. 


By then end, you’ll have a home you love and you'll have an understanding of how to decorate and you'll be empowered to do other rooms yourself or change it up in the future — so no matter what life throws at you or what holiday is around the corner — your home will always be your ultimate happy place.

STEP 1   |    Interior Design Consultation

Schedule an Ideas & Inspiration Interior Design Consultation ($250) to get started. You'll be prompted to fill out a detailed Design Profile, so we can get to know you and your space right away. During the Consultation, we look at the space(s), create a vision, a plan of action.


STEP 2   |    Designer-On-Call   |   Large "Anchoring" Pieces

Continuing on together ($100/hour).  With solid direction (color, size, style) and these idea starters, you will continue to compare and shop for the large pieces, either online or in a store. But don't worry, we'll send you a list of stores that carry items in your style and price range, so you know exactly where to go. We can collaborate online through this selection process: you send photos or we schedule a Zoom for feedback on the pieces. 


STEP  3   |    Designer-On-Call   |   Finishing Touches

We continue to collaborate online until all the large pieces are purchased. Then, we will give you a "Finishing Touches'' shopping list. Again, with solid direction and a list of stores, you purchase all the things that make you smile. 


STEP 4   |    Home Styling Session

When everything is purchased and received, we have a Home Styling Session. This is where everything you have purchased gets a designer touch and we make it look fabulous.
This step is what truly elevates a room and makes it your favorite place to be.

I REALLY like the placement of my dining table and chairs. 


It is so crazy how something so simple changes things!!!!


Hi Melanie,

I worked with Bob today and he was very helpful. Thank you so much for the referral. He had very positive things to say about you and I agreed! My stress level is down thanks to you.

– Lauri

Hi Melanie,

Our house project is nearly finished and we absolutely love it and are so, so happy!! 


I can't thank you enough for your help and guidance. You were such a great partner to help us make selections and decisions, and we could not be more thrilled with the results. 


All the best,