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Hello, beautiful.

Welcome to affordable home decorating that compliments you and your lifestyle.

bedroom design



1 ROOM, 2 DESIGNS   |   $2.00 sq ft

Get a professionally designed room within your budget. 

We'll create two custom designs for your space using using furniture and accessories from retail stores. 
You can purchase and complete the room yourself or we can purchase and install the room perfectly for you.  

Large or complex rooms may add additional fees. Minimum of $250. 00.
Client changes may add additional fees.) 



1 ROOM, ALL OPTIONS   |   $1.25 sq ft

Optimal furniture pieces, arrangement, and sizes.

We'll create floor plans to scale and show you as many layout options as possible of your room in 2D and 3D. This guide will aid you in purchasing furnishing that will fit your space, saving you time, money and headaches. 

(Large or complex rooms may add additional fees. Client changes may add additional fees.) 

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In Home or Virtual  |   2 HOURS   |   $225

We specialize in homes built with honey oak woodwork & kitchens

If you're ready to start updating your home, or ready to plan out your updates, this consultation is for you. We can help you select new floors, kitchen countertops, backsplashes, cabinet hardware, light fixtures so your whole house feels updated and cohesive. We specialize in homes with golden oak, and if your home has oak woodwork, we'll bring our "Honey Oak Update" kit that contains samples of flooring, countertops, backsplashes, and hardware. We can discuss the pros and cons of painting your kitchen or woodwork, discuss what type of flooring and the color of it. Updating your home can be an overwhelming experience, we are here to help make it easier by giving you the knowledge and resources you need.
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"Redesigned & Refreshed"


$100 / HOUR  (3 hour minimum)

Get an HGTV® style reveal — Your home will feel fresh and new! We work with what you already have and we make it better. It's often not about buying more things, it's about showcasing your most special things. You know your space has potential and you love many of your things, but maybe you just can seem to pull it all together. We'll do it for you. Starting with a Personalized Design Profile, we'll learn what you like and don't like, then we'll meet you at your home to give it an instant update, and refresh. In some cases, we may even bring some accessories to show you how adding a little something here or there will give you the complete look you're going for. We don't sell the items, rather, we provide you with the "vision" and you'll know exactly what to purchase and where to put it. Find out just how good your home can look and feel.

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