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I had a wonderful session with Melanie! She provided valuable insight and expertise when it came to brainstorming ideas on how to best furnish and decorate our new home. I highly recommend her for any of your design needs!

– Renee

Working with Melanie was such a great experience! She really took into account what I wanted, had I ideas I had never thought about, and ensured I stayed within the style of the house as we talked about everything from wall paint to furniture arrangement to design. I would definitely recommend her services!

– Caitlin

Melanie was an absolute dream to work with!

She was able to work with me virtually since we live in separate states. Prior to our meeting, she sent a very thorough questionnaire to help understand what my areas of focus were and what specific issues/questions I had. She also made sure to familiarize herself with my style and I could tell she did a lot of prep work prior to the meeting.


Melanie is a VERY good communicator. She was sure to let me know my options for recording the session and made sure that we had the correct meeting time despite our time zone difference (as well as making sure we both factored in the recent Spring forward time change). I felt like Melanie really listened and she made several big contributions to my upcoming design changes.


She answered all my questions and let me know how we can continue to work together in the future if/when needed. I will be sure to reach out to her once I'm ready to start my next project. Her approach to assisting with interior design is EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you Melanie!

— Lindsay

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