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  • The top of the nook should not be “a ceiling texture”. 


  • Skim coating the top with drywall mud to make it smooth. 


  • If this isn’t an option for you, simply paint it the same color. The texture will be minimal.
    Scrape popcorn ceiling, do not paint.


  • Consider neutralize the yellow honey oak to make it easier to coordinate decor and have a more modern look.


  • This homeowner has white interior doors, so I suggest she paint the shelf the same white as the doors.


  • Consider painting the nook walls a different color. 

    • A darker shade than walls

    • Or an accent color used throughout your home. This will add interest.



  • Visually fill the space 65- 75%


  • Do you like simple look or a layered look?


   • Either one larger item or a grouping of 3 of varying shapes and sizes


  • Do you have an heirloom/memento or, a hobby (such as traveling)  that would work or you could find a representation of (like a globe)?


  • Or simply something that helps create the atmosphere you want: artsy, relaxing, etc.


   • A grouping of 3 — vary shapes and sizes

   • If grouping 3 objects, 

    – The tallest should be 75% of nook in height

    – The second thing should be a different shape and 25% of the first thing

    – The third thing should be yet another shape and 25% smaller than the second

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