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$150 / 60 Minutes

Are you ready to bring your dream space to life?

This is the perfect opportunity to get expert advice on paint colors, furniture layout, decorating ideas, and so much more—all while keeping the camera focused on your home or room, not on you.


Even if you're camera-shy, this session is tailored to your needs, ensuring your home truly reflects your style and desires.

Plus, you'll allow us to edit and share the video on our social media networks, showcasing the incredible transformations we create together.



Step 1: Detailed Questionnaire
We start by sending you a comprehensive questionnaire to fill out. This helps Melanie learn about you, your preferences, and what you hope to achieve in your space. It's an excellent opportunity for you to start thinking about your likes and dislikes if you haven't already.

Step 2: Photos of Your Home
Next, we ask for photos of your current space. This allows Melanie to understand the existing layout, style, and any challenges we need to address.

Step 3: Inspirational Images

We also request that you send photos of rooms that inspire you. This helps Melanie see what styles and elements you gravitate towards, aiding her in custom recommendations.

Step 4: Online Consultation

Finally, you meet Melanie meet online!
During this session, we address your specific questions, offer design ideas, and provide recommendations on what to purchase. Sometimes, we might even ask you to move furniture around (if it's relevant). All you need is a mobile device and a tape measure.


What to Expect During the Consultation

We pack a lot into this 60-minute session to ensure it's productive and tailored to your needs. Before the consultation, you'll fill out a detailed Personal Design Profile and send us pictures of your space and inspirational images. This preparation allows Melanie to do her homework, so she is ready to make the most of our time together.

Common Topics Covered:

  • Home Walkthrough: We discuss the function of each room.

  • Furniture Recommendations: Advice on what furniture should stay and new furniture suggestions.

  • Hard Surfaces and Fixtures: Ideas for kitchen and bath surfaces and fixtures.

  • Floor Plan Layout: Optimal furniture arrangement for your space.

  • Paint Color Selection: Choosing the perfect colors for your home.

  • Window Treatments: Ideas for window coverings.

  • Lighting Ideas: Enhancing your space with the right lighting.

  • Design Advice and Styling Tips: Practical tips to elevate your home's aesthetic.

  • Utilizing Underused Spaces: Creative solutions for underutilized areas.

  • Professional Recommendations: Suggestions for trusted installers and partners.

  • Working with Existing Features: How to incorporate elements like honey oak trim.

  • Creating a Cohesive Look: Tips for achieving a harmonious design.

  • Shopping Recommendations: Best places to shop for furniture and decor.

By the end of the consultation, you'll have a new vision for your home and a plan to bring it to life. 

What You'll Receive

  • Expert Guidance: A non-biased, multi-award-winning interior designer 100% focused on helping you make your home your favorite place to be.

  • Tailored Recommendations: Thoughtful advice based on your personal style, home architecture, and budget.

  • Innovative Ideas: Solutions you might never have thought of that make all the difference.

  • Practical Solutions: Effective ideas that work within your budget.

  • Cohesive Look: A design that brings joy and harmony to your space.

  • Confidence in Choices: Assurance in the decisions you'll make.

  • Excitement Instead of Overwhelm: Enjoy the process of transforming your home.

  • Design Rules: Guidelines to follow—or intentionally break.

  • Intentional Home: A home that feels purposeful and well-designed.

  • Vision and Plan: A clear roadmap to achieve your dream space.

  • Access to Tradespeople: Connections to our trusted professionals.

  • Wholesale Pricing: Exclusive access to wholesale prices on flooring, cabinetry, and more.

  • A la Carte Services: Additional interior design services for further guidance.

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Melanie was an absolute dream to work with! She was able to work with me virtually since we live in separate states.


Prior to our meeting, she sent a very thorough questionnaire to help understand what my areas of focus were and what specific issues/questions I had. She also made sure to familiarize herself with my style and I could tell she did a lot of prep work prior to the meeting.


Melanie is a VERY good communicator. I felt like Melanie really listened and she made several big contributions to my upcoming design changes.


She answered all my questions and let me know how we can continue to work together in the future if/when needed. I will be sure to reach out to her once I'm ready to start my next project.


Her approach to assisting with interior design is EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you Melanie!

- Lindsay

215 10th Ave S_Unit 213_006_A.jpg

My Virtual session with Mel was exactly what I needed! She very quickly identified easy ways for me to make my house more of a home and I feel really excited and empowered to make the changes we talked about. I know that the key takeaways that I had from the call won't just help me in *this* house but will help me decorate any space I want in the future. I would highly recommend booking a session with Mel!

 – Esther

We had our session with Melanie a few days ago - we got so much good advice and direction, I can’t thank her enough!


This was my first time working with an interior designer and I wasn’t sure about the process, but Melanie did a great job of guiding us.

We really needed help thinking through and defining the use of the spaces in our home. We also have a wonderful, but awkward addition that I wasn’t sure what to do with. Melanie saved us a ton of time by knowing what questions to ask and then provided practical guidance to reach our goals. Since her visit, we have implemented a few of the suggestions and it’s already improved the flow and energy.

She helped us to rearrange our existing furniture, that has helped so much - we can now envision how the other pieces will come together. I am now able to look at furniture and make a better decision about what will work for us.

I’m excited to work with Melanie again and will be contacting her for future consults. Thank you!!!

– Misty

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