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"Staging Success with Happy Place Interiors"

I had the good fortune of Melanie’s staging services through Happy Place Interiors. The following describes my particular situation. I expect it isn’t a rare situation in real estate. There must be many others who have been in similar predicaments and had similar reluctance to the value of staging. I’m sharing my experience here in hopes that others can avoid the stubbornness I exhibited.

In 2015 I had outgrown my first dream home. I had already been through the real estate mess of 2008 and was finally gaining confidence in the strength of the market. I’ve always tried to budget my residence cost well within my means. Because of that, I accepted the cost of keeping my previous home while I closed on my new home and transitioned to living there. That left my previous residence vacant while it was on the market.

Months went by and the sale property had many showings. Not one resulted in an offer. This was particularly frustrating to me as I dearly love that property and was convinced in it’s uniqueness. I’m a homebody, so I was very particular about having a great space to live in.

I couldn’t understand why no one else shared my appreciation for that property.

I wanted someone to find it and cherish it as much as I did. The consistent negative feedback from showing agents and their clients was disheartening. That evidence was counter to my beliefs.

After months of receiving no offers, my selling agent suggested that I get it staged. After paying two mortgages and supporting two properties, I was very reluctant to put more money into the effort. I was considering walking away and beginning a recovery from foreclosure. 

Finally, after five months,
I concede to staging.


At the initial meeting with Melanie she walked through the space, identified some challenges, and presented her approach. She insisted that it would sell. I simply couldn’t believe that at the moment. I gave her the keys and she schedule the staging effort over the next week.

I returned after the staging. I immediately saw how Melanie’s placement of furniture established the true size and possibilities of the living space. I also noticed that it differed from her original ideas. She had left our initial meeting and considered other approaches. The fact that she dedicated so much thought to the approach, and that she revised that approach, established her high level of engagement in what she does.

The next week saw a steady stream of showings. By Sunday of that weekend I had multiple offers.

I accepted an offer 3% over my asking price. This more than made up for the cost of staging. More importantly, the buyer wanted the property. The buyer’s strong desire to own it was the most rewarding for me.

I’m now convinced of the value of staging. More importantly, I’m convinced of the value of the details that go into staging.

Melanie’s expertise was the critical piece in turning my frustrations into financial and emotional relief.
She has my highest recommendation.

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