A socially-conscious interior decorating & interior design company in Minneapolis, MN.

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We transform spaces
into happy places. 

It's time to  wake up in a home you fully love and Happy Place Interiors is here to help bring that smile to your face.

And to spread the joy, a portion of proceeds go to Minnesota charities that help people in need find, fix or furnish homes.


I received more from you in our two hours together than eight people combined that I’ve paid sufficient money to. You are an inspiration!
– Tracy

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Specializing in revamping spaces, not bank accounts, our creative and practical interior design solutions, ideas and resources will make a big impact with a small budget.

Melanie was named 2021 Top 10 Redesigner of the Year by RESA® 

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with a Certified True Color Expert™

Painting can be a big time or financial investment so it's important to select the right color. Many designers and decorators can be good at color, but to be great with paint, you need experience and education. We know how undertones work, which undertone goes with which, how lighting affects paint, and what to expect it to actually look like when the paint is on the walls. Very few Minnesota interior designers have this highly-acclaimed, international CERTIFIED TRUE COLOUR EXPERT™  certification. Between wall color, cabinets, counters, trim, flooring, and furnishing, Melanie can help you pull it all together and make your home look and feel cohesive. Schedule a Color Consultation today.

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WOW! What an honor!
Happy Place Interiors was nominated for the
StarTribune Reader's Choice Minnesota's Best.

Thank you SO much for coming by. I loved all of your ideas and they were very cost effective too. I am excited to try all of the things you suggested. And the furniture arrangement for the mancave was a great as well. I’m very excited to try the paint colors too. You left me feeling motivated!

– Alicia

"Happy Place recently did a color consultation at our new house. Thank Goodness! The colors I wanted for the house and the colors I thought were close, would have been vastly different.

Happy Place saved me a lot of money in paint and time. Melanie was able to walk me through the undertones of the paints I chose and show me better options that worked with my lighting and trim/floor colors. I got the color affect I wanted and it turned out great!!  – Angela

Thank you, Melanie!

I was a little intimidated to have someone come out, but your openess, enthusiasm and practical tips were awesome.

– Starr

Thank you so much for your vision! Honestly I am now excited for the first time about this house and can finally see a way forward.  
– Imelda

Our one-on-one consultation with Melanie was wonderful! She worked with us on designing every aspect of this room. It really fits the style that we were going for and she has continued to be there every step of the way as we finish designing the room. My husband and I are both very happy and can't wait to work with her on other rooms in our house!  

– Megan

Melanie is great! She pointed out many design and color details regarding updating my home that I hadn't thought about. She gave me great ideas about countertop colors and finishes that would work with my current cabinets. She also provided me with some helpful websites to find cabinet hardware. I really feel like I have a good design plan now and I can move forward with updating my kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Thank you Melanie!!  – Teresa

Hi Melanie-- I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You blew my expectations away and it truly feels like a home now. I appreciate your hard work more than you know.   – Sam




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Shop socially-conscious stores that give back to the community. Happy you. Happy them.
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The light bulbs you use will dramatically affect how you feel, and look, in a space.

Not everyone lives in a light filled condo like this client, but even this client needs the perfect LED light bulbs to keep her condo looking and feeling inviting and relaxing when the sun goes down. People that live in homes without a lot of natural can be very dependent on lights. And the bulbs that are in them are key.

90% of homes that I am in can dramatically benefit from using better lightbulbs. But choosing a lightbulb is not easy anymore. Just picking one off the shelf is most likely not doing you or your space any favors. 

But we have the answers! As a designer that still loves incandescent lightbulbs, I have studied, researched and tested numerous LED bulbs to find the perfect ones. Lightbulbs that will dramatically transform the look and feel of your home, your hallways, closets, living spaces, bedrooms. A quick "Lightbulb" tutorial is offered at every Consultation. 

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