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Happy Place Interiors is a multi-award-winning interior design & color consulting firm based in Minneapolis, MN and serving clients across the US.

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Let's make your home
favorite place to be.

It's time to wake up in a home that brings you joy.
Our unique collaborative, consult and à la carte approach to interior design is here to bring a smile to your face.

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It was great meeting with you Melanie.
It was so refreshing to have such a collaborative experience that feels like the perfect amount of hand-holding and independence.
— Martha

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Kid and Dog
Specializing in revamping spaces, not bank accounts, our creative and practical interior design approach will make a big impact with a small budget. Learn about our collaborative, consultation-based approach here.

Melanie was named Top 10 Redesigner of the Year by RESA® in 2020 and 2021.

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"We need fresh ideas and we can figure out details. There are things, like the golden oak cabinets where we would like opinions about options, to either confirm or disprove our ideas."

"I need to have fresh ideas/inspiration, a partnership to confirm ideas, and down to earth/practical approach to decorating that fits with our lifestyle."

"Instead of you making the ultimate decision, I like that it's a collaborative process. I also like that there seems to be a real desire on your part to empower me as the client to understand how to make my own design decisions, instead of making them for me."

I received more from you in our short time together than eight people combined that I’ve paid sufficient money to.
You are an inspiration!
– Tracy
Hi Melanie— I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You blew my expectations away and it truly feels like a home now. I appreciate your hard work more than you know.   
– Sam

Thank you, Melanie!

I was a little intimidated to have someone come out, but your openess, enthusiasm and practical tips were awesome.

– Starr

I felt so comfortable sharing my home and its nuances with Melanie, and she knew exactly how to encourage and inspire me.
I will refer to her as my home décor therapist going forward!
– Jean
Thank you so much for your vision! Honestly I am now excited for the first time about this house and can finally see a way forward.
 – Imelda
Working from Home

Sign Up Now!

Tired of endless and confusing research?

Overwhelmed with all the information about paint colors, techniques, design styles? To do or not to do?

This summer, Happy Place Interiors will be launching "Happy Place. Your Home. Your Style. This Group" — a Membership-based Home & Design Group. A first of its kind. Made for real people with real homes, not overly glorified Instagram homes.

If you’re ready be intentional about your home, preparing to remodel/build, if you are decorating or designing your home by yourself or if you are already working with Melanie, this membership was made specifically for you.


It's like having Melanie by your side the entire time. Melanie will host monthly group video chats, you can ask anything and learn from everyone. In addition, she’ll also be bringing in experts in different areas such as flooring, window treatments to get all the technical questions answered.


In addition, you’ll have access to a library full of how to's, do's and do not's, which cutters through the online clutter, so you can get straight answers that you'll be confident making in your home. 


And even more amazing your have access to discount on furnishings, mattresses and more. (20-50%).  Even receive free paint sheets to help in making color decisions.

Members also receive discounted Design Fees and priority scheduling for any personal appointments.


For less than a quart of paint per month, you get clarity, inspiration, direction, learning, discounts, one trusted source, saving you so much time, money and angst.


• Ongoing Support and Inspiration
   – Monthly live group video sessions with Melanie 
      and other leading professionals 

• Clarity, cut the online clutter 
   – This Group is your trusted resource on making smart choices through
    videos, print outs, links, product and company referrals 

• Learning About and How To — everything home
   – Videos, PDFs, Books, Quizzes

• Staying Engaged, not Stuck 
   – Via member group to share progress, support others, ask questions
   – Set goals, timelines with worksheets
   – Make real progress and move from Stages 1-5 

• Saving money 
   – Discounts on Design Services
   – 20-40% discounts on top brand furniture, mattresses and more
       (Service Fee applies)
   – Free paint sheets 

Become a Founding Member and enjoy a discounted rate of $25/month forever. Click the button below to be notified and prompted to join before the Group goes live and the price goes up.


We are thrilled to announce that Happy Place Interiors has been honored with the Silver award in the Star Tribune Minnesota's Best Awards! This incredible recognition is a testament to the commitment of helping homeowners create spaces that bring joy and inspiration.

What makes this award even more special is that it's voted on by the wonderful people of Minnesota themselves. Your support and trust mean the world.

Thank you, Minnesota, for your support and for allowing Happy Place to be a part of your lives. 

See all the winners here.


January 15, 2024


By Elizabeth Roubik

Happy Place Interiors is ushering in 2024 with an inspiring initiative: designLOVE. This transformative giving program aims to make a difference for those facing personal hardships by creating spaces that not only boast aesthetic appeal but also serve as sanctuaries that foster hope, health, and happiness.

Continue reading article

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Through its Giving Program, designLOVE, Happy Place Interiors has been helping with the rebuilding and furnishing of the mobile these beautiful kids and their mom, Kevyn, call "our new beginning home."

Learn how you can help too.

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