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Sustainability is anything but simple, but we are passionate about research and offering ideas and solutions to help you make smart decisions for your home and our environment.

From countertops to flooring to cleaning supplies,
decor items and furniture, we will be filling this page with information to help simplify making smart, sustainable decisions.


Check back often as we will continue to post more information. And if you know of a product or service that you think we should feature, please send us an email.  

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215 10th Ave S_Unit 213_032.jpg
215 10th Ave S_Unit 213_012.jpg

I REALLY like the placement of my dining table and chairs. 


It is so crazy how something so simple changes things!!!!


Hi Melanie,

I worked with Bob today and he was very helpful. Thank you so much for the referral. He had very positive things to say about you and I agreed! My stress level is down thanks to you.

– Lauri

Hi Melanie,

Our house project is nearly finished and we absolutely love it and are so, so happy!! 


I can't thank you enough for your help and guidance. You were such a great partner to help us make selections and decisions, and we could not be more thrilled with the results. 


All the best,


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