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Welcome to affordable home decorating that compliments you and your lifestyle.



We believe you should love your home and feel good in it — so you can focus on more important things — like life. So let's transform the bland into beautiful and the never used into the fully utilized. With a little design vision, your home can be your haven and your ultimate happy place. Working with what you have or starting from scratch — we can help create the home that brings you joy.

From an Interior Design Consultation to get questions answered or a Paint Color Consultation, to home styling done in one day — our vision, creativity and
fresh approach to interior design is here for you.
Common home styling requests include:
• Creating a vision — establishing a look and feel
• Furniture arrangement
• Selecting new furniture and decor
• Choosing paint colors
• Making a home feel warm and inviting
• Updating kitchens, baths and living spaces without big remodels 
• Choosing flooring and countertops
• Designing a restful master bedroom 
• How to work with small or unusual spaces 
• Combining styles of partners so everyone is happy
• Having lived in a home for decades and getting "unstuck"
• Reviewing remodeling plans and finishes
• Storage ideas & decluttering strategies
• Choosing to live a minimal lifestyle and how it affects your home
• Where to start... with everything
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In Home  or Virtual  |   2 HOURS   |   $250

Practical ideas, a clear vision and professional advice
personalized for you.


 Our most popular service! We start by having you fill out a detailed Personal Design Profile. This allows us to get to know you, your space, likes and dislikes. Then we'll meet (in your home or via Zoom). I'll be able to answer your questions, give you interior design advice that will make your space look and feel the way you want. The goal at the end of the Consultation is you will have a vision of your space, your questions will be answered and you'll have a plan to get your home where you want it to be. You can implement the ideas yourself or ask how we can implement them for you.

furniture layout   |  wall art  |  how to make a room look "finished"  |  choosing new countertops & flooring

updating homes  & remodeling project advise |  where to start with decorating

This Consultation is perfect for people who need a vision, guidance in making the right decisions, need to know where to start and what to do or to get a fresh perspective . 


3 HOURS   |   $350

Your furnishings, our design expertise.

The most common feedback after staging a home for sale from the sellers is: "I wish we had hired you when we first moved in!" After they see their own furnishings set up, styled and placed in the optimal way with a designer's touch, they often love it so much, they comment that perhaps they should reconsider selling.

This inspired our new home styling service "Staged-To-Stay." We will use your furnishings to put your house together in the most optimal way. It will be your own day  HGTV®-like reveal. Sometimes we'll even bring extra accessories to show you how it can all come together with a few extra touches. The three hour minimum, will typically get the main living areas done. Extra time is $100/hour. 



In Home, interior color(s)   |   2 HOURS   |   $250

Paint once. 

Be confident. Be happy.

With our specialized training and True Color Expert™ Certification, we are able to provide you the perfect colors.

Color is one of the easiest and quickest ways to change a space. Choosing paint is tricky because undertones are sneaky. We know how to choose paint, taking into consideration of light exposure, room size, and undertones with your architectural features. We'll bring both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint collections plus over 100 extra large (11" x 17") hand painted paint swatches so you can see how the color will actually look. Go bold or go neutral or a little of both. We can help you be confident in your color choices. 



In Home Consultation   |   2 HOURS   |   $250

How interior design and decorating can help you achieve
minimalism and happiness in your home. 

If you are ready to start your minimalism journey, and change your life, we can help. As a family ourselves that are in our minimalism journey, we can share insights on minimalism and kids, spouses and others. But even more importantly, we can show you how your house looks can affect your minimalism efforts. Through color, furniture layout and decor. We'll show that minimalism doesn't mean bland or bare. A minimal house can still be a beautiful home.

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If you're moving into a new (or new-to-you) house, we can help reduce stress by setting up and styling your new home with your existing items. With our comprehensive process, we'll optimize your new space with your belongings, we'll hang your artwork and place your furniture and home accents —making it feel good right away. We can also help you determine new furniture pieces and sizes if needed. 4 hour minimum session. Email us for an estimate based on size of house and number of rooms you'd like to finish.

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STARTING AT $150 each

Your bathroom isn't "finished" until the mirror is framed.

We sell one product — high quality custom frames for bathroom mirrors. The transformation is stunning. Because framing your bathroom mirror is the last detail that makes a bathroom look finished. A mirror frame will quickly update and upgrade any bathroom. It's a smart investment if you're selling your home and is an enjoyable investment if you're updating it for yourself. 

And It’s a guaranteed perfect fit. Our custom mirror frames are cut to go atop your existing, wall-mounted mirror. It’s a simple DIY install. The kit comes with everything you need to put up in minutes. And, it’s the only mirror frame with a recess in the back to fit the frame over the clips. Install it yourself, or have us install it for you. With over 60 different frame options, there is one that will fit your style and your mirror.

Visit our sister company, Mirror Frame Minnesota to view options or send us an email. 


 Happy Place Interiors is structured differently than traditional interior design firms. Our “a la carte” approach allows us to work with all types of people and budgets of all sizes.


Typically (but not always), we work with people that just need a little guidance or a vision to make their house a happy home. The hands-on type that needs a bit of help pulling it all together. 



We start with having you fill out an online comprehensive Design Profile, so we can get to know you, your home and your lifestyle. This allows us to arrive fully prepared with ideas, solutions and recommendations.


We schedule an Ideas & Inspiration Interior Design Consultation or a "Staged-To-Stay" Styling Session and the fun begins!


• The Ideas & Inspiration Interior Design Consultation (two hours, $225) is structured to be comprehensive enough with answers, ideas, direction, professional advice, guidance and recommendations that often times, this one time meeting is all people need. Clients are able to take the ideas and advice and run with it! Creating a beautiful, happy home on their own.

• The "Staged-To-Stay" Home Styling Session (three hours, $300) uses your own furnishings to help create the look you want. However, sometimes a few more accessories or art are needed. We will give you the direction as what specifically to purchase or we can do the shopping for you in a follow up service.

Thirdly, if needed...

For a variety of reasons, some people are not able or would rather not execute the vision we discuss during the Consultation. If that is the case, we can offer follow up services to help get your home looking, feeling and functioning the way you want.


Follow up services include:


• Remote Guidance ($80/hour)
  (Collaborating with you and assisting you in your decision making)

• Space Planning ($1.00 sq. ft.)
   (Computer floor plans for optimal furniture arrangement and sizes)


• Custom Room Design ($2.00 sq. ft. / two design options)
   (Room designs with direct links to specific products)


• Finishing Touches Shopping & Styling ($80-$100/hour)
  (Making your home feel warm and inviting with home accents)


We have found our simple a la carte process works for many people and budgets.
If you have questions regarding our process or services, please send us an email or give us a call. We are happy to talk with you about your specific project.

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Melanie was amazing! She was a huge help as we were in the early stages of a full main floor remodel. For everything from paint colors to furniture layout, she helped us make some great design decisions. I cannot recommend her enough!

- Tracy

We HIGHLY recommend Melanie! We had just moved into our first home, and weren't sure what to expect. Gratefully Melanie did an amazing job helping us identify easy & affordable quick fixes to make our home more beautiful. She also shared helpful insight into DIY projects we could take on, her experiences, and projects we could wait and think on. We loved her insights into setting a color scheme based on what we already had, and how to best mesh different styles with our home. She also suggested several local shops for us to check out!

We will likely use her services again, and can't say enough good things about her support!

– Carlye

Melanie is incredible. She came by our house to give us a consultation for our living room and dining room. She came prepared with wonderful ideas, and was able to answer all of our questions. Melanie takes into account your lifestyle, and is able to give you great options for design that won't change your day to day activities. On top of that, she's so fun and we had a great time working with her!

– Elikem