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Have a certified, award-winning home stager reduce the stress of your sellers and help them get top dollar for their home.

Partnering with Happy Place Interiors means your listings will look like a million dollars, the house will sell fast and your sellers will love you. Our Staging Consultations and Hands-on Staging (staging using homeowner belongings) services are a perfect fit to your marketing strategy.

We do not stage vacant home or carry staging inventory  — we 
specialize in Consultations and using furniture already in the home.

99% of sellers do 99% of our recommendations, and the properties present beautifully and sell quickly. 


1. Every homeowner is treated with the utmost respect. We understand that moving is stressful and sometimes people are attached to their homes. We deliver our recommendations with care and are able to explain to homeowners why a certain recommendation will help them with the sale of their house. 

2. Homeowners are given our contact information and are allowed to follow up with questions. 

3. We offer a FREE FaceTime Video walk through after recommendations have been implemented or shortly before photos — this puts your sellers at ease that everything is picture perfect.


Guaranteed to be the best investment you can make on your listings.

• Easy and effective process

• We focus all decisions on highlighting the selling features of the home 

• We make EVERY square foot count. We solve awkward spaces. 

• We minimize the less favorable features of the home

• Only high-return improvements are recommended

• Sellers will know exactly what to do and how to do it

• We prioritize the list with the sellers

• FREE FaceTime Video walk through before photography


This is an excellent choice your your sellers that are busy, travel or unable to complete tasks.

• We roll up our sleeves and get to work! We move furniture, art and decor. 

• We'll highlight the features of the home using the items already in the home

• We'll minimize the less favorable features of the home

• We make EVERY square foot count. We can solve awkward spaces. 

• We leave a list of recommendation, if there are any

• We are fully insured

• We charge by the hour and are able to bring on assistants to speed up the process

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Melanie Zaelich is an award-winning, Certified Home Stager. She is a current RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) member and past Minneapolis Chapter President.

Prior to being a Home Stager, she spent 20 years in the advertising, marketing and design industry. It is ingrained in her to look at each property and focus on what will sell it — not just to"make it look pretty." This is marketing at its best.

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